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Van Gogh Tilt Shifted

An amazing photoshop artist took some of Van Gogh’s art and used photoshop to artificially tilt shift (a photographers technique to bring certain things into focus). The following amazing images are the result:


Bullet Time

I found this amazing picture the other day. Somebody figured out how to not only skip a bullet under a  plastic bead(?), but also how to time it just right and get a super fast shutter speed. Very impressive:


Statue of Liberty LEVEL UP!!

As the statue of liberty continues her fight for everything American, she gains experience. Obviously. And as all RPG player know, experience eventually leads to leveling up. When the statue of liberty powers up though, she puts all others to shame 😀


Amazing picture that would impress even MC Escher

MC Escher is a famous artist known in part for his unique distorted views of reflected surfaces (see example on the right). And he is one of my favorite artists. I found a photograph that is obviously inspired by Escher and his art (especially the one on the right :-P). The photographer used a glass ball to both flip and bring into focus the cityscape on the other side. Epic win indeed!


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