CAD and 3D renders

Early in my career at ZEiTECS, I was asked to make an animation of our Shuttle system that was currently being deployed to customers. This was a 7 inch system.

Later in my work with our Shuttle line, I was assigned to redesign the whole system with some new technology and everything we had learned with the 7 inch system. I visited with the machine shops we were going to use and talked to our field personal to make sure that it was cost effective and easy to use in the field. I then used the old drawings as a reference, but started the whole design from the ground up. When I was finished I made another animation.

When I moved to ESP Completion Technologies I was tasked with finishing the design of a Modular Y-Tool to get it ready for production.

I also was able to make an animation of our Winterhawk clamps for promotional purposes.