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Avengers – Fantasy edition

What if the avengers were re-imagined in a fantasy world? This amazing collection of art.


Disney Characters IRL

Have you ever wondered what Disney characters might look like if you met them in real life? UK graphic designer Jirka Väätäinen might be able to help with that.


Mini food sculptures by Shay Aaron

This is just amazing! I wonder how long these take her… if you want to see more of her work, please check out her store on Etsy!


Books carved into landscapes

Wow… just wow… this is just so creative and well done. I wonder how the artist crafted these. Maybe some power tools? I’m sure the artist painted the tops of the books in a few cases.


Wallpaper: Koi Fish

I’ve always loved the way Koi fish looked. In high school I doodled them a lot on homework and when I was bored. Haven’t drawn them in years though. I also haven’t used my digital art tablet in years! So I busted that out and after messing around with it, I started sketching, then coloring. A small version of that sketch is to the right. Since I liked how they turned out I decided to go one step further and turn them into a background! I fired up photoshop and this is the end result!

Hope you enjoy 😀

I also did an alternate lighter version:

aaaaand I also made an alternate blue version:

Click on the images to bring up the full size versions to use as wallpapers ^_^


“Bent” objects

Terry Border over at Bent Objects does some really great and creative work with wire and every day objects. Here are some of my favorites 😀


Funny Street Art

This isn’t really vandalism, its an improvement, haha.


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