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Life hacks

I’m sure a lot of these are on pinterest by now but hopefully there will be a few new ones for people out there!

Go ahead and try some of these! They are all Batman approved.



Legos Batcave!

These guys are pretty badass. I have no clue what motivated them to build something so badass. Maybe for a display at the lego museum or something? But the end result is amazing. A batcave made up of legos. The whole thing is even mechanized! The batmobile rotates and everything!


Superhero Fail

There are so many fails I almost don’t know where to start! It half advertised Batman… half Spider-Man. But it actually is Superman. So… what they are saying is that Spider-Man and Batman are actually Superman in real life!?! It all suddenly makes sense! Spider-Man’s web was just a hoax to hide his flying abilities and Batman’s technology was a cover for his super strength! Thanks strange confused toy designer!

credit (and entire set of photos) via: Benjamin Stone


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