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Best of Clients from Hell

I’ve been enjoying the great stories over at Clients from Hell, and thought I would share some of my favorites here.

Me: “Now just clear the cache memory in your browser in order to see latest changes we made to your website.”
Client: “What browser?”
Me: “Well, you probably use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer to access the internet.”
Client: “No, no, you’re mistaken. We go directly to internet.”

Website user who couldn’t find an article emailed our help desk. We sent him the link to the content he couldn’t find.
Client: “Please change the letters in your email to blue, so I can click the link.”

Me: “Unfortunately some of the images you sent over cant be used as they are the wrong file type.”
Client: “Oh, okay. Which files?”
Me: “The animated GIFs.”
Client: “So why can’t they be used for the brochure?”

Client: “Why is the text slanty?”
Me: “It is in italics.”
Client: “No, it is slanty.”
Me: “It’s called italics.”
Client: “I don’t care what you call it, make it stop.”

“I want to build a website that appeals to the Amish people.”

Client: ”So they say that art is a passion. Do you really think that it’s right to charge someone for something you’re passionate about?”

“We’ve identified our target audiences. They’re 50% female and 42% male.”


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