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Black hole noms a sun

A stunning cosmic jet from a super-massive black hole which shredded then swallowed a star has been observed by astronomers for the first time.

The extremely rare phenomenon caused by stellar debris being consumed by the hole has never been observed before.

Known as ‘relativistic jets’, they can reach hundreds of thousands of light years in length.

While the science behind it is pretty cool… the scientific image is somewhat boring, haha. Here is a more exciting illustration of what it might look like:

(oh, and p.s. the star they saw destroyed was one million times the mass of our sun!)


Cat troll

I want to meet this cool cat on chat roulette. Much better than some other things I’ve heard about… and seen on youtube, hahaha

Though this chat roulette is pretty funny…

aaaand creepy.


Pokemon Pikachu Cat

OMG, its so cuuute!!! Whoever had this idea is so awesome 🙂 I am putting it under all three image categories (cool, cute, and funny). Animal rights activists: don’t worry, they did not actually put the cat through this… I have done research and found that this was done in photoshop. I know it would not be too far fetched that somebody would actually do this to their cat considering all the real pictures of cats altered and dressed up. But for those of you who can not spot the photoshop edit like I can, here is a link to the original picture with the authors comments saying it is a photoshop.

Cat made up to look like Pikachu


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