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People are amazing. And CRAZY!

Makes me want to go out and get active! But not actually do some of the crazy things the people in the video were doing 😛 I want to get out there and live but I actually want be alive after too, haha!


Don’t mess with chickens

This dog found out the hard way. Wow, so crazy. That is a real life angry bird! Guess it did what it thought was necessary to protect its little baby. Looks like this might have been some place where both animals had free range and the chicken felt threatened.


Go forth and enjoy nature

Unless you’re going to one of those places where nature messes with YOU!! hahaha, like it is for these unlucky guests to the outdoors.


Team Fortress 2 – Lego Style

Any lego fans out there that also like this great game by Valve? Ahh, so crazy that this guy (DeLanoy) built these out of standard parts! I recognize a ton of them. Check out the detail shots below.


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