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New Game: Sierra 7

Hey guys, I just put up a new flash game up called Sierra 7! Its a little violent though (cartoon blood), so don’t play if you’re under… lets say 17 or so.

What?! You didn’t know I had a games section?! Click here to check them out!


Mario’s Wardrobe

So many choices! Can you recognize all of them? Can you name all of them? Haha, even though I consider myself to be a Mario fan, I could not. Makes me really curious though.


The Birds

Haha, if anybody knows somebody who is both a fan of mobile games and classic movies, you need to get this image to them. If you are somebody as described above… you’re welcome :p


Most Popular Internet Activities

My personal top internet time consumers are electronic communication, GOOGLE šŸ™‚ search andĀ everythingĀ else, web media (news, video, music).

I am going to try to incorporate as many of these as I can into a personal blog/homepage as I can. Right now on my website I have personal stuff (resume, art, etc..), random blog posts, media (video, fav wallpapers),Ā recipes, and entertainment (games, gadgets). Do you guys have any ideas of things I couldĀ incorporateĀ into my site?

Activity Percent_of_Internet_users
who report this activity
Send or read email 92%
Use a search engine to find information 89
Search for a map or driving directions 86
Look for info on a hobby or interest 83
Research a product or service before buying 81
Check the weather 80
Look for health/medical info 75
Get travel info 73
Get news 73
Buy a product 71
Visit a local, state, or federal government website 66
Buy or make a reservation for travel 64
Surf the Web for fun 62
Go to a website that provides info or support for a specific medical condition or personal situation 58
Research for school or training 57
Watch a video clip or listen to an audio clip 56
Look for “how-to,” “do-it-yourself,” or repair information 55
Look online for news or information about politics or the upcoming campaigns 55
Look up phone number or address 54
Do any banking online 53
Watch a video on a video-sharing site like YouTube or GoogleVideo 52
Take a virtual tour of a location online 51
Do any type of research for your job 51
Look online for info about a job 47
Get sports scores and info online 45
Get info online about a college, university, or other school you or a family member might attend 45
Download other files such as games, videos, or pictures 42
Get financial info online, such as stock quotes or mortage interest rates 41
Send instant messages 40
Look for info about a place to live 39
Download computer programs from the Internet 39
Pay bills online 38
Download music files to your computer 37
Upload photos to a website so you can share them with others online 37
Look for information on Wikipedia 36
Send or receive text messages using a cell phone 35
Look for religious/spiritual info 35
Play online games 35
Listen to music online at a website 34
Read someone else’s online journal, web log, or blog 33
Rate a product, service, or person using an online rating system 32
Use online classified ads or sites like Craig’s list 32
Log on to the internet using a wireless device 30
Listen to a live or recorded radio broadcast online, such as a newscast, sporting event, or radio show 29
Categorize or tag online content like a photo, news story, or blog post 28
Search for info about someone you know or might meet 28
Pay to access or download digital content online 28
Share files from own computer with others 27
Download video files to your computer 27
Participate in an online auction 26
Research your family’s history or genealogy online 25
Download screensavers from the Internet 23
Chat in a chat room or in an online discussion 22
Download computer games from the Internet 21
Create content for the Internet 19
Download a podcast so you can listen to it or view it at a later time 19
Make a donation to a charity online 18
View live images online of a remote location or person, using a webcam 17
Use an online social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, or Friendster 16
Sell something online 15
Take a class online just for personal enjoyment or enrichment 13
Participate in an online discussion, a listserv, or other online group that helps people with personal issues or health problems 12
Send or receive an invitation to a meeting or party using an online invitation service 12
Take a class online for credit toward a degree of some kind 12
Create or work on your own online journal or blog 12
Take material you find onlineā€”like songs, text, or imagesā€”and remix it into your own artistic creation 11
Buy or sell stocks, bonds, or mutual funds 11
Make a phone call online 8
Go to a dating website or other site where you can meet people online 6
Create an avatar or online representation of yourself 6

First Post

Hello world! This is my first post in my first blog. This is not only going to be a great interesting blog, it is, as it says somewhat of a portal into my life. As of right now I am creating this website maily for family and friends. A place to share. I will try to keep this up to date with art, photos and games. The games are also for me to tell the truth. I got tired of all of the adds, so I thought that I would help.


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