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Legos Batcave!

These guys are pretty badass. I have no clue what motivated them to build something so badass. Maybe for a display at the lego museum or something? But the end result is amazing. A batcave made up of legos. The whole thing is even mechanized! The batmobile rotates and everything!


Another Tribute to MC Escher (with LEGOS!)

As mentioned in a previous post, I am a big fan of MC Escher and tributes to his work. One of his most famous works is titled relativity and it shows an impossible scene of multiple surfaces being the ground where gravity pulls the occupants:

Escher's original relativity

The other day I stumbled upon this amazing image that pays tribute to Escher with LEGOS! It was made by Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu. You can read more about the project at Andrews website.

lego recreation of Escher's relativity

Click on image above for larger view.

The craziest thing is how they made it! The lego creation extends in lots of directions, needed a lot of support and involved some really creative lighting.

Setup for lego recreation of relativity

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