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INCOMING! NASA satellite rains down tonight

Wow… so its hitting a couple news agencies on the internet like on CNET, but other than that I haven’t heard too much about this huge satellite that will be re-entering earth’s atmosphere late tonight or early tomorrow.

“Experts expect more than two dozen chunks of debris to survive re-entry and hit the ground in a 500-mile-long footprint somewhere along the satellite’s orbital track. But given the bus-size 6.3-ton’s satellite’s trajectory and the vast areas of ocean and sparsely populated areas UARS passes over, experts say it is unlikely any falling debris will result in injuries or significant property damage.”

A chart showing the latest predicted entry point for the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, based on data from U.S. Strategic Command. Because of uncertainty about the satellite’s behavior as it approaches the discernible atmosphere, the timing of the re-entry could change by several hours either way.
(Credit: William Harwood/MacDoppler Pro)

And looking at this pretty graph above that shows its position it should not be entering any super populated areas.

BUT what if it veers of and lands in NY or something crazy!

I know I know… putting a screen shot from the 1998 film Armageddon might be taking it a bit too far, but does anyone else find that this is just a little bit bigger of a deal than is being made about it?


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