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Fire in 0G

So heat rises. Why? Because vibrating air molecules (hot ones) are lighter than steady ones (colder). What if there is 0 gravity to make this phenomenon happen? See below:

Instead of rising the flame remains around the candle in a dome. The hot air molecules do not rise.


Problem with news today

I know, I post a whole bunch of silly stuff on my blog. And yet I’m criticizing other media sources for their focus on Justin Bieber? Why am I not a hypocrite? Because I never claimed to be a news provider. And even so I’m posting about the Higgs Boson. Why? Because I care about the future of mankind and if all we focus on is silly, then we are doomed 😛

Higgs bosons are what makes up the Higgs field which as we understand it, defines mass. Specifically, how things interact with the field. Read more of the discovery here, at Washington Post. Watch the video below to better understand Higgs bosons and the field.


Black hole noms a sun

A stunning cosmic jet from a super-massive black hole which shredded then swallowed a star has been observed by astronomers for the first time.

The extremely rare phenomenon caused by stellar debris being consumed by the hole has never been observed before.

Known as ‘relativistic jets’, they can reach hundreds of thousands of light years in length.

While the science behind it is pretty cool… the scientific image is somewhat boring, haha. Here is a more exciting illustration of what it might look like:

(oh, and p.s. the star they saw destroyed was one million times the mass of our sun!)


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