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Creepy facebook predicts trends

Facebook status updates can be creepy and revealing, but they can also help predict when you’re likely to find yourself dumped. A team of researches searched through over 10,000 status updates and produced the following graph:

Apparently you’re very likely to get dumped on Mondays, right before Spring Break, two weeks before Christmas, and at some point before the summer holidays. However, the good news about the whole mess is that it seems that people feel quite bad about dumping someone right on Christmas Day, so you can breathe a bit easier while unwrapping your presents.

via [gizmodo]


This is so much PUN!

So I LOVE puns. So funny… or punny… haha, omg, so bad. However, these are pretty clever:

Haha, its Lego-las:

Wow, two feet of snow! Thats alot.

Jeez, those cheetahs…


Donut Seeds

Aww, they are so cute! That would be one delicious plant. I feel a bit sorry to the dumb people everywhere who are soon about to be a bit poorer though :p


Chain Mail

I know… chain mail might show that you care or might sometimes be useful, but it can totally be abused. Please read this and in the future, use with caution, lol.


No Escape From the Cows

Bad news for vegans: there is no escape from the cows…

I’m pretty sure that a few of them have chewed gum, sugar, used glass, eaten pasta, used adhesives, etc…

Weird how many things a cow is used for!


Major Decisions

Saw this on graphjams the other day and thought it should be required reading for all of the high school and college kids having a major decision crisis :p


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