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Major Decisions

Saw this on graphjams the other day and thought it should be required reading for all of the high school and college kids having a major decision crisis :p


MadLib Generator!

This semester I have been taking a programming class. I have really been finding it interesting too! Most of what we have been working on is useful, mainly because they are stepping stones to even better and more useful things you can do in C.

However, I was procrastinating the other day, so made this cool program. I uploaded it to here so people could try it out if curious. What this program does is generate a MadLib using words you enter. It is one of the simplest programs to make is only32 KB (that is 0.032 MB). So far I have only made two stories you can stick words into, but I plan to update it soon and make more.


Fundamentals of Engineering materials

I have been asked a couple of time to share engineering materials that I found, so here they are:

2 – units conversion factors

3 – mathematics

4 – mechanics of materials

5 – engineering probability and statistics

6 – statics

7 – dynamics

8 – fluid dynamics

9 – thermodynamics

10 – heat transfer

11 – transport phenomena

12 – biology

13 – chemistry

14 – materials of science structure of matter

15 – computer spreadsheets

16 – measurement and controls

17 – engineering economics

18 – ethics

19 – chemical engineering

20 – civil engineering

21 – environmental engineering

22 – electrical and computer engineering

23 – industrial engineering

24 – mechanical engineering

The whole thing


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