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Find your blind spot

I have a blind spot you might ask? Yup, we all do.  Check out the article on wikipedia if you want to find out more. This test will help you discover yours. Close your left eye and focus on the smaller static circle on the left. At some point the big circle will disappear as it goes into your blind spot. It didn’t happen for me at first which just means I was sitting to close/far from my monitor. Try sitting closer/further to your screen and repeat.



Is this fortune accurate?

I’m sure it is for anyone reading this, haha!! But a little puzzler for ya… lets say that an illiterate person gets this fortune and cracks it open to eat the cookie… hrrmm, see? It’s not always accurate!


Blind cat’s epic battle!!

Teehee, awww!! Could not help laughing at how cute the cat is. What a cool story too. Born without formed eyes, the cat, Oskar is still able to function in his life just like his owners other seeing cat 🙂


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