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Lego ad: Imagine (HQ images)

I’m already a big fan of legos, and their ads. I mean, being a fan of ANY advertising is really rare for me. They won me over initially with ads showing simple legos turning into real world objects. Now they have a new line of ads going under the name of Lego imagine. Concept was done by Jung von Matt, images were made by The Scope. Can you figure out what they are? How many of them can you get?


Don’t Lego

I for sure had legos like this in my childhood. Just would NOT let go. So I would usually gouge them with random objects laying around. But whenever I could find this magical lego prying removing tool, OMG it was a lifesaver, haha.


Lego optical illusion

So cool this entire thing was made out of legos 😀 Classic optical illusion. Not sure if I’ve seen one like this that was a picture of a real life object though, instead of a digital creation.


Lego Printer! OMFG

This has got to be one of the coolest lego inventions I have ever seen! This guy designed, built, and coded it all from scratch including analog motor electronics, sensors and printer driver! He did it just for fun and worked on it for about 3 weeks at night after work.

via Blogiversity


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