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Watch out!!

For the optical illusion in the following picture. Can you see it?


The rock that looks like it is dangerously in motion is actually in a lake that is reflecting the sky.


Negative to color

You’re going to want to find a white wall to stare at after this.

  1. Then stare at the red dot for 30 seconds.
  2. Turn your heads towards a white wall or plain surface.
  3. Blink your eyes quickly and you’ll see the girl in color.


Find your blind spot

I have a blind spot you might ask? Yup, we all do.  Check out the article on wikipedia if you want to find out more. This test will help you discover yours. Close your left eye and focus on the smaller static circle on the left. At some point the big circle will disappear as it goes into your blind spot. It didn’t happen for me at first which just means I was sitting to close/far from my monitor. Try sitting closer/further to your screen and repeat.



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