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How many circles?

Just keep on staring… you can do it!! It seriously took me a while. Feel free to leave answers in the comments, don’t think that the solution can be described in a way that will really be helpful to people anyways, haha. Good luck!


Self healing grid optical illusion

Lets see if this works for you guys like it did for me. Most people I have shown this to already had the correct response. As is obvious when you first look at it the grid is “broken”. However, if you stare at the center of the grid, it should seem to “heal” itself and not be as broken. Continue staring at the center and it should finally become perfectly healed. This piece was created by Ryota Kanai. The optical illusion is caused by our brain expecting to see something, so it processes the eye’s signal in a way that creates something that makes sense.


Garstripes illusion

Can you see it? Try tilting your head back and forth, up and down… you should see something hidden in the lines. If you need help, the title should provide some hint ^_^

Note: make sure your browser is not zoomed in or out or else the illusion will not work as well… aka, barely at all!


Lego optical illusion

So cool this entire thing was made out of legos 😀 Classic optical illusion. Not sure if I’ve seen one like this that was a picture of a real life object though, instead of a digital creation.


4 Perfectly Round Circles

At a casual glance it appears they are connected right? It actually is 4 perfectly round circles if you follow them around. Look at the exact center and BAM, hopefully you can see how they are not connected! Mind blown?

Demotivational posters stop it makes my brain cry


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