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Chain Mail

I know… chain mail might show that you care or might sometimes be useful, but it can totally be abused. Please read this and in the future, use with caution, lol.


No Escape From the Cows

Bad news for vegans: there is no escape from the cows…

I’m pretty sure that a few of them have chewed gum, sugar, used glass, eaten pasta, used adhesives, etc…

Weird how many things a cow is used for!


Major Decisions

Saw this on graphjams the other day and thought it should be required reading for all of the high school and college kids having a major decision crisis :p


End of The World Flash Animation

I was reminded of one of my favorite funny flash animations the other day. It is one man’s vision of how the world will end. Warning! It has some bad language :p

Click here to view it full screen.


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