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Ninja doing normal things… but awesomely

This guy has some serious skills! Wonder what he does professionally…


Trance song on GUITAR!

This guy has some serious skills. Plus an awesome costume 🙂 I wish I knew his name or something so I could give him credit… haha, and so I could go look up other videos he has made!

UPDATE: After some google searching I found the guy: Ewan Dobson. And I’m so listening to his other stuff! Nothing really compares to his trance song, but they’re still pretty good too.

Please support this guy and encourage him to make another like it, buy Time 2 (via amazon mp3).


One baby hiccups, brother laughs

Baby’s laughing are just awesome. Enough said :p

The fact that the baby is laughing because his brother is hiccuping is just the cherry on top.


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