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Cat fight

Ahhh the music just takes this up a notch. Crazy how even fights are cute when there are cats in it and especially when all their tummy fluff is out!! haha


How it Should Have Ended: Harry Potter

I never knew why none of them ever used pistols and such. I mean, they are still human, yes? lol. So well done 😛 hope you all enjoy!


Tennis ball horror movie

So funny and cute and its just so much better with the custom sound track, haha.


How it should have ended: LOTR

That really makes sense! LOTR fans, you need to start thinking how to defend your universe from the fellowship’s lack of creative planning. They should have probably included more people in their planning… say maybe an engineer? I hear they are good at finding the most efficient way to solve problems :p


Box Maru Can’t Enter

Maru just loves boxes. He does NOT like it when he can not fit in them! Maru does not lack any determination to try his best though.

Love how he makes it in at the end though. Wonder if he destroyed it. I’m guessing it was his awesome owner though. Haha Maru went to him for sympathy after failing to get in the frustrating box. Of course he had to take out his frustration by biting the cardboard! You get that box Maru!!


Baby with drinking problem

Poor little kid. And at such a young age too :p I’m sure with lots more practice he can overcome this hardship though, lol.

OMG, I freaking love his face after he succeeds :p so cute!


Win Compilation

I love wins! Hope you enjoy these ones 🙂


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