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One baby hiccups, brother laughs

Baby’s laughing are just awesome. Enough said :p

The fact that the baby is laughing because his brother is hiccuping is just the cherry on top.


Fails of 2010

A quick look back at some of the stupider moments of 2010.

via thechive


Who is Maru?

Some recent visitors were wondering about Maru… come on guys, lol, jk, thats what I’m here for. Ok, well, Maru is pretty much just an awesome cat who’s owner is nice enough to upload funny videos to share with the internets:


AMAZING movies of 2010 mashup

This is just a blast to watch! What are you doing reading this? Play it! If you have already played it then play it again and then send it to all your friends.

p.s. there are 270 movies crammed into these 6 minutes. How many can you recognize?


Ninja Tryouts

They just keep on getting worse and worse. I can not believe that these people actually went into these tryouts taking themselves seriously.


Every Anime Opening Ever Made

Anybody who has watched anime will probably find this hilarious. People who have not will still hopefully still get the gist of it and chuckle a bit anyways. It catalogues how almost every anime opening ever made has the same elements.


How my friends and family must feel when I talk about work

I sure hope that I am not this confusing when I nerd out on people.

This guy deserves huge props for keeping up that great pokerface during the whole video though. I would have lost it after the first 15 made up words… or a couple seconds in 😛

Download salesman video


Funny Animal Voiceovers

I love whoever made this!



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