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Darth Vader Busts a Move!

I never would have guessed that nerds could be so coordinated and amazing dancers. This just made my day…



They See Me Rollin…

I have no idea how this came about but I believe it is something both truly epic and totally cute!



Your Printer is a Brat

I can not see how computer, monitor, and keyboard deal with him at all… Sometimes I unplug him to give them a break. Every once in a while I’ll get a new printer figuring he’ll behave better, but they all turn into brats eventually. I think it might be all the down time they have between jobs 😛


Drunk tilted room sketch

This is so creative! At first I was totally confused at how he was walking like that, but once I realized that the whole room was tilted, I as even more impressed. Getting everything to appear straight when everything is probably tilted at 30 to 45 degrees could not have been easy. Those books, the painting, etc… pretty cool stuff.


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