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200th post! (walking on water, benefits of laughter, emo truck)

I’m so happy that my little blog here is doing so well. Feel a little bit like I am on walking on water here.

Remember, coming to this website is beneficial to your health. See this awesome info-graphic below for proof (benefits of laughter).

Hope you keep on coming back and keep on telling your friends about my site or else I will be sad… like this emo truck:


AMAZING movies of 2010 mashup

This is just a blast to watch! What are you doing reading this? Play it! If you have already played it then play it again and then send it to all your friends.

p.s. there are 270 movies crammed into these 6 minutes. How many can you recognize?


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!! Hope you all are having fun with family and enjoying great food 🙂 I sure will… this will soon be me:

Just want to let you know that I am thankful to all of my viewers. Almost 5000 views in about a month or two is not that bad if I do say so myself. If you are thankful for my site, please help me keep it growing by sharing my site with your friends! I’ve included a whole bunch of ways to share below: facebook, twitter, digg, email, etc…


How my friends and family must feel when I talk about work

I sure hope that I am not this confusing when I nerd out on people.

This guy deserves huge props for keeping up that great pokerface during the whole video though. I would have lost it after the first 15 made up words… or a couple seconds in 😛

Download salesman video


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