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I’m sure this was the natural evolution of the sno-man with all the internet cats about.

It combines the awesomeness of the lolcats, longcats, and snow 🙂


Uses for electricity

I’m sure this is more or less how the conversation went…

Haha, or not :p In any case, I am extremely grateful for electricity, for without it there would be no ceiling cat, or this website for that matter, and both should be respected and cherished.

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Last Post of 2010!

I’ll admit, when I first started this blog, I was unsure as to how much traffic I would get and nervous it would not catch on, but I went ahead and went for it.

I wanted to show everybody all my favorite things on the internet.

And the response was pretty great! Traffic to the blog has been steadily increasing, so I’m just going to go ahead and keep it up. You, my visitors make me feel like I can fly!

You guys just keep on doing what you’re doing too. Keep on coming back to visit and (hopefully) sharing this awesome sites with people in your life. If we both keep it up, who knows what heights we can reach?

I hope you have all had a great year in 2010!



I love music and I love the internet. Something great that has come from these two things is internet radio. I’ve put a few on my website here. My personal fav is probably sky.fm See below for direct links:


The internet please?

As a follow up to my recent post, I thought I would share my favorite story about dealing with the technology impaired. This occurred back when I was working at an ITS helpdesk.

Client: I can not access the internet.

Me: Ok, I can help with that. What have you tried so far?

Client: I clicked on internet explorer and all I see is this MSN crap!

Me: That is the internet.

Client: No this is not! I want the internet.

I was so stumped for a while, but then inspiration struck.

Me: Look at the top of your screen. Do you see where www.msn.com is? Great! Click there and delete that text. Now, type www.google.com and press enter.

Client: Great, thanks so much for your help!

[update] WOO! My story made it on clients from hell: here


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