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The internet please?

As a follow up to my recent post, I thought I would share my favorite story about dealing with the technology impaired. This occurred back when I was working at an ITS helpdesk.

Client: I can not access the internet.

Me: Ok, I can help with that. What have you tried so far?

Client: I clicked on internet explorer and all I see is this MSN crap!

Me: That is the internet.

Client: No this is not! I want the internet.

I was so stumped for a while, but then inspiration struck.

Me: Look at the top of your screen. Do you see where www.msn.com is? Great! Click there and delete that text. Now, type www.google.com and press enter.

Client: Great, thanks so much for your help!

[update] WOO! My story made it on clients from hell: here


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